I am a Senior Lecturer and researcher in psychology.  I’m also a coaching psychologist, registered with the British Psychological Society. I revere science, and hope that together we can make psychology more robustly scientific over the coming decades. I am also interested in the psychological insights of ancient cultures, especially Buddhism, Epicureanism, and Stoicism. There are plenty of seeming contradictions in those last two sentences, and I don’t pretend that I find it easy to reconcile them. My research is mostly rooted in mindfulness and related approaches (such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

Feel free to DM me on twitter @drleehw

If you’d like to email, it’s easy. Just put my first name in front of the URL of this site, with @ in between. (Sorry for being cryptic, but I was getting huge amounts of spam.)


It is part of my mission as an educator and a coaching psychologist to help ‘give psychology away’. I do this over at Happicademy.com. Check it out.